The soundbite is from Adele Givens’ 1992 Def Jam Comedy appearance:

Kanye, a big fan, invited her to recreate the line with him in the studio

Kanye ,LIL Pump and SmokePurpp, wrote “I love it” for the first annual porn hub awards

“I Love It” Reached #1 In canada, finland, & sweden. It reached top 10 in Australia, UK , and the US.

The artwork was painted by Shadi Al-Atallah, who also painted the artwork for West’s previous single “XTCY”

Kanye asked Al-Atallah to paint the artwork using a color scheme inspired by a Kerry James Marshall painting.

House DJ David Morales accused West of stealing the bass line from a remix of his 1991 song “What Is This Thing Called Love”

Amber Rose accused Kanye and Lil Pump of using her SlutWalk Movement as inspiration for the song without giving her any credit

The video was viewed more than 76 million times in it’s first week on youtube

It surpassed Childish Gambino’s This Is America to become the biggest opening week on youtube for a hip hop video

According to Nicki Minaj, watching porn while in the studio is an important part of Kanye’s creative process

The vision for the video came from executive producer Spike Jonze who sketched it on the back of a book

“They may walk and talk and dress big, but in the presence of a woman, they’re just the little guys.”

“I Love it” is Kanye’s 17th top-ten song and Lil Pump’s second top ten on the Billboard charts.


Oct 1 2018


Hip Hop


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